Green world through treatment technologies



Why do we treat wastewater? 

The most basic answer is to make dirty water clean. Treatment facilities simply compress the organic decomposition processes, which take place in nature. This is performed by a combination of physical, biological, and chemical treatment stages. One of the principle objectives of wastewater treatment is to prevent as much of this "oxygen-demanding" organic material as possible from entering the receiving water.

Our expertise is in wastewater treatment equipment, design, engineering, management and operation of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage wastewater treatment plants. We can supply small packaged turnkey and large municipal plants, custom package sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Sedimentation / Clarifiers

The Clarifier is a continuously operating, mechanically cleaned sedimentation device. Feed is piped into a central, semi-submerged influent well. Feed flows down and then outward to the periphery of the tank where effluent is collected in a continuous peripheral launder. Settled solids are raked toward the center of the tank and into a discharge sump. Floating scum is removed by a skimmer mechanism.

Surface Aerator

Electromechem make "Aerator" is highly efficient mechanical surface aerator especially designed for use in the following systems:

  • Extended Aeration

  • Activated Sludge Process

  • Aeration Lagoons

  • Conventional Aeration etc.

Electromechem made aerators are the most efficient, economical and trouble free mechanical surface aerators specially designed to suit all types of biological reactors. Some of the highlights of the aerator are:

  • Low Maintenance

  • Extended Shaft impeller for better mixing at bottom

  • Flexibility of operation

  • Trouble free continuous service

  • Inline helical gear drive for low power consumption

  • Higher O2 dissolving capacity

Pressure Sand / Carbon Filter

Electromechem made Pressure filters are designed and manufactured with different filtering media such as sand or activated carbon or mixed bed. These filters can be used as polishing units for industrial water treatment as pretreatment and tertiary treatment of wastewater. These filters comprises of a mild steel / FRP / SS pressure vessel containing the media, provided externally with valves, piping to direct, and control flow of water during treatment and for cleaning.


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